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Imani Whidby

Artist Bio

 Imani Feran Whidby was born May 26,1977 in San Leandro, CA and raised in Oakland , CA. Born into a musical family, her talents were molded to industry standards. She was excepted into the Philharmonic Chorus two times during her life and was offered a 60/40 deal with Atlantic Records as a teenager . At the age of 19 Imani was featured as a background vocalist on, a former member of Master P's Rap nation, King George's gold winning album "Life of a Kingpin", song " Playa Hate " in 1997 . The album was produced at  A.K Production Studio located in Hayward, CA at the time.

In Imani's younger years and years to come, she found herself in the presence of legendary artist such as Norman Connors, Jacques Burvick, Angela Bowfield, Toni Toni Toni, Patti Labelle, Grover Washington Jr.  and others.

She cherishes this time.

 Imani has been singing since the age of 7 and wrote her first song at age 11. She has over 35 years of vocal experience and has written, composed, produces and released 3 albums and 3 singles under her record label I.K.Mcorps. Her discography consists of  her 54 original songs

In addition, she can also be found on Spotify, apple music, amazon music to name a few.

Her music is being played all around the world. Imani Whidby has also branched out to Modeling, Acting and Writing. She is currently writing a book series called "Down the Creek". 

Enjoy all that she has to offer as her creativity has No limits.

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